What makes us unique is the fact that we stay connected with our students even beyond their admission in world’s best universities

Our students and their future are the topmost priority we have partnered with a number of international educational partners and institutions to make your dreams possible. We enable students to take full advantage of our top of the line student support services which include a number of facilities

student support services which include a number of facilities

Statement of Purpose College Essay Guidance

Undoubtedly a well-written college essay will do wonders for students during their application process. It defines their personality without physical meeting first hand. It’s a way for the university admission evaluators to understand the students they are expecting during the intake. Our college essay guidance enables students to understand the importance of writing a well-written and precise statement of purpose and college essay according to the respective universities’ criteria. A comprehensive series of guidance sessions are carried out to draft your statement of purpose and college essays during which we guide you through each and every step, from the brainstorming phase to the final submission of your college essay.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We make your dreams come true. We have our deep roots in top-tier universities in the world and so we understand them better than anyone else. With over 200 University and College partners in the UK, USA, Australasia, and Europe region and student counseling experiences of 15000+ students successfully over the past 12 years including the IVY league, G8, and Oxbridge we have accumulated the best ways to get the best scholarship programs in the destination country of your choice to help you finance your future. Various universities of the public or private sector have scholarship programs that the student can get help from either based on their grades, performance, or financial situation. Countries such as the UK, US, Canada, and Australia offer various scholarship programs therefore the admissions experts at Graph International assist and facilitate you for scholarship applications to the best universities in these countries to academically gifted students. During this process, we guide our students about aspects of student funding, including financial aid options, scholarships, bursaries, discounts, and others.

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Arrival Assistance and Transition Support

The whole process of moving to a new country is too overwhelming and during this process, students tend to panic and lose focus which results in students or their parents missing out on important tasks to ensure a smooth transition to a new country. Since this tedious task is too much to handle on their own, we help students and parents during this as part of our commitment to putting our students first. We provide full departure, arrival, and transition support to our students while they are about to make one of the biggest decisions of their life. So, what happens once you reach? There’s a personal meet and greet by a Graph International member of staff at your destination upon your first arrival be it at any station or terminal. The member will provide you with the facility of pick-up from the airport and drop off at your University campus as well as make your

connection to the university contact point for further assistance during your orientation. During this transition, we also help you with various other things such as acquiring mobile sims, guidance on getting train or bus passes and their routes as well as opening up a bank account, sorting foreign exchange, getting health insurance, and getting a driving license is required. Your on-campus contact will also provide guidance for program and course enrollment in your department and ensure you’re ready to attend your classes.